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This mini-course describes three mechanisms of the brain that are built to keep you safe. Learn how they work and how to work around them to achieve your health goals, and live a life of growth and resilience.

Why can change be so hard?

Why are really good intentions dashed by the slightest provocation? Turns out that your brain, your beliefs, your biology and your habits all resist change. This mini-course will explain some of the science behind why the status quo can be so powerful, and offer ways to hack the resistance.

I am Dr. Andrea Grayson, a behavior change communications consultant and part-time faculty in the Masters of Public Health program in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. 

I created this mini-course after struggling with my own behavior change trying to quit sugar. It led me to learn about our neurology, and the default settings of our brain that try to keep us safe.

When you learn about these tendencies of the brain, and how to manage your thoughts, it is much easier to rewire your brain and create new habits. There’s no doubt you can be successful improving your health when you master your understanding of your brain.

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