It all comes down to this:

Your past thoughts and feelings created where you are now; if you want different outcomes, then you need to think differently.

In many ways it's hard to believe that you can "think yourself thin," but once you understand how your mind works, you can hack the self-sabotage and use your mind to orchestrate your future. 

How do your thoughts and feelings keep you overweight?  Oh, in so many ways!  

Now you might ask, “What do my thoughts and beliefs have to do with the weight I’m trying to lose, isn’t it just about what I eat?” Yes, of course, what you eat matters. But if you think/believe any of the following, then your actions of overeating are tied to your thoughts/beliefs:

Do think you deserve a cookie to reward yourself for a day of hard work or a good workout?

Do you associate pie or chocolate chip cookies with your loving grandmother and use the cookies to moderate stress or as a form of self-love?  

Do you rationalize your over-eating as being okay because it's "healthy food?"

Are you in denial that the extra weight is bad for your health? 

Would you rather distract yourself with food than face the work or feelings at hand, or the boredom?

Well, my friend, these are all ways our thoughts and feelings sabotage our best intentions. 

With this book, you will be able to systematically LOOK at the contents of your own mind, and learn how to "re-program" it to serve your health goals. 

It is anticipated that the ebook will be available in the Summer of 2021. 

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